Kyma Bathroom Cleaner

AED 30.00

For a refreshingly clean, streak-free
and shining bathroom.



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Kyma Bathroom Cleaner

Citrus Blossom

AED 30.00

Refresh your bathroom! 
Wonder what it’s like to have one solution that cleans all your bathroom surfaces? Now experience it with the only bathroom surface cleaner you will ever need. Simply add warm water to your reusable bottle, empty the contents of your refill pack, and you’re ready to start cleaning!

Suitable for baths, taps, tiles and stone.

  • Comes with 1 refillable Kyma cleaning bottle and 1 Bathroom Cleaner refill pack
  • 1 x Refill = 1 x 500 ml bottle


And join the refillution.

1 x refillable Kyma Bathroom Cleaner bottle
1 x Kyma Bathroom Cleaner refill pack (Citrus Blossom)

It’s what’s inside that counts :
Non-ionic surfactant <5%, anionic surfactant 5-15%, fragrance contains (limonene, citral, geraniol), potassium sorbate 1%, sodium benzoate 1%

Made without parabens, phosphates, ammonia, VOCs, chlorine bleach, or phthalates


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Save money and space when you buy kyma refills.


12 refills per year at AED 96

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12 bottles per year at AED 156

** based on the consumption of 1 x 500 ml bottle per month over the course of a year.

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  1. Dominiki Kati

    ‘I also used it on my yoga mat and it was perfect’

    Kyma Multi-Surface CleanerKyma Multi-Surface Cleaner

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    Average rating: 4.83 based on 7 reviews

    Kyma Glass Cleaner

    I would like to commend the concept (refillable/tablet cleaning solution). It is really awesome that the company is not only after the profit but also thinking on how to conserve the environment. The product is in tablet form which is more convenient in terms of space. I have tried the glass cleaner. It is surprisingly working well in glass tables, mirrors, windows, etc. My wife loved the fragrance too.

    Bathroom Cleaner Refill

    (verified owner)

    Bathroom cleaner is great!! Removes tough stains and smells good!
    The multipurpose is also soo wonderful!!
    This sustainable product makes it safe not only for me and my family but also for my dog who sniffs all day!

    Glass Cleaner Refill

    ‘Loved the colour and fragrance of the product’

    Kyma Multi-Surface Cleaner

    “Good multipurpose product. I loved using it. Even effective for some shower grime and water stains. Very happy with the product as a multi-purpose cleaner’ .”

    Kyma Multi-Surface Cleaner

    ‘I also used it on my yoga mat and it was perfect’

    Glass Cleaner Refill

    ‘Loved the product. Convenient and easy to use.’

    Kyma Multi-Surface Cleaner

    ‘The product works well for refrigerator, washing machine, oil spills over stove, mirrors.’

Frequently Asked Questions

Kyma tablets are made from responsibly sourced, non-toxic ingredients. Each product contains the following ingredients:
Citric Acid
Sodium Benzoate
Potassium Sorbate
Sodium Carbonate

Kyma products should be stored at room temperature (24°C instead of 28°C), preferably not in direct sunlight.

Our bottles are durable, recyclable and don’t need to be thrown away every time you run out of a cleaning solution, thus helping us protect our environment from single-use plastic.

When your Kyma tablets dissolve, they release CO2 into the bottle. This built-up pressure may push the liquid up through the dip tube and out of the sprayer. That is why we always recommend that you make sure the tablets have completely dissolved before closing your bottle.

If your sprayer is leaking, simply unscrew the sprayer top and wait for a moment. Then reattach the sprayer and test it again. If the leakage continues, just let us know and we will gladly send you a replacement.

All Kyma packaging is mainly made from cardboard and is fully recyclable and biodegradeable. Our bottles are made of durable and recyclable PET plastic. Kyma packs include a small layer of plastic and aluminium and need to be disposed of in a normal waste bin.

There’s nothing to worry about. Just make sure you empty all the pieces and powder from the refill pack into your bottle. Broken tablets may dissolve faster releasing C02 , so make sure you allow them to fully dissolve before putting on the nozzle.

Kyma is cruelty free and does not perform any kind of animal testing.

Yes. None of our ingredients have been derived from animals or animal products.

Yes, all Kyma products are non toxic and are safe for children and safe for pets.




Yes. However, we do recommend consulting your physician before use.

No. However, please avoid prolonged contact with clothes and shoes and in the case of contact, rinse immediately.

No. Please do not apply Kyma directly to food or food products.

If a Kyma product is accidentally swallowed, rinse the mouth with water and seek medical attention immediately. Please also take our packaging along when seeing a medical professional. In the case of a pet, rinse their mouth with water and contact your veterinarian immediately.

Rinse your eyes immediately with plenty of water. If wearing contact lenses, remove the lenses before rinsing your eyes. We also recommend you seek medical attention and bring the Kyma packaging along if possible.

Kyma should not damage leather, wool or suede, but avoid longtime contact.

The pH of Kyma products is as follow:
  • Bathroom Cleaner: 3-5
  • Multi-Surface Cleaner: 6-8
  • Glass Cleaner: 4-6

Kyma products expire 24 months from the date of manufacturing printed on every sachet.

You can order Kyma products through our partners or on our website

We currently accept returns and refunds on Kyma products only if the packaging is unopened. In accordance with UAE Consumer Protection Law, should your order reach you damaged, or you receive an unwanted or incorrect item, you can return it in its original, unopened packaging.

For all orders across the UAE a delivery charge of AED 10 will apply.