Join the Refillution

A movement here to reimagine, reengineer and revolutionize home cleaning.

Dissolve Evolve

The journey of a thousand smiles begins with a single step. A change so small, it fits on the palm of your hand – a revolutionary cleaning tablet that is here to reduce clutter and eliminate the use of single-use plastics.

The Last Bottle You Will Ever Buy

Our products come with one reusable Kyma bottle – the only one you will ever need – and cleaning tablets that are affordable, easy to carry, easy to stock, and truly sustainable, gradually eliminating the existence of single-use plastic in our lives and making us all part of the refillution.

Reuse Refill

Recycling is responsible but expensive. Also, over the last 70 years, only 9% of the 9.9 billion tons of plastic generated globally has been recycled. So, ‘eco-friendly’ products in plastic packaging don’t solve the plastic problem. What does, is saying no to single-use plastic, and instead reusing plastic products, refilling them as we go.

How It Works?


Fill your bottle with 500 ml of warm tap water.


Empty one refill pack into the bottle. Wait a few minutes to fully dissolve before putting on the nozzle.


You’re ready to start cleaning!

The Kyma Benefit


We cut out the expensive logistical costs of plastic packaging and hand the benefit back to you.


We break the chain of single-use plastic consumption, thus reducing the negative impact on our environment.


Imagine tablets the size of your fingertips instead of bottles sitting on a shelf or in your storeroom. Need we say more?


Our products work well on different kinds of surfaces
and are effective in keeping your home sparklingly clean and germ-free.

The Kyma Promise

Clean, green and scientifically approved.

All Kyma products are safe to use, kids and pet friendly, scientifically tested without animal cruelty, non-toxic
and made with utmost precision and care in the UAE.

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Customer Feedback

I would like to commend the concept (refillable/tablet cleaning soluti...
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7 months ago
Bathroom cleaner is great!! Removes tough stains and smells good! Th...
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7 months ago

‘Loved the colour and fragrance of the product’

10 months ago
Dimitra Fylantzopoulou
“Good multipurpose product. I loved using it. Even effective for some ...
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12 months ago
Stef Hohmann

‘I also used it on my yoga mat and it was perfect’

1 year ago
Dominiki Kati

‘Loved the product. Convenient and easy to use.’

1 year ago
Greeshma Kuriakose
‘The product works well for refrigerator, washing machine, oil spills ...
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1 year ago
Puli Venkateswarlu

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